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Enlighten Hospital is the best addiction treatment center in Dhaka. Addiction is a critical global concern nowadays. Bangladesh is also included in this problem, and at a scale that is impossible to ignore. Addiction is a chronic, relapsing lifelong disorder. Generally, the addicted person’s health deteriorates through reluctance to food and restlessness. Moreover, the person slowly becomes physically and mentally weak and eventually inches closer to their death. Children born in the womb of an addicted mother are also likely to become addicts.

In most cases, addiction develops after a few days of attachment or use and the person becomes dependent on that specific object of addiction, and later finds it absolutely difficult to break free from the vicious cycle of death. On the other hand, if a patient suddenly stops using the substances, various physical and mental withdrawal symptoms appear. To protect the addict, Enlighten Hospital has been built as a complete state-of-the-art drug addiction and mental illness treatment facility following the best international industry best practices which push our hospital to a globally accepted standard. Enlighten is the best institution in Dhaka with a six-story building and a team of extremely efficient, experienced, certified, and vetted professionals always engaged in medical and psychological care. One of the strengths of Enlighten Hospital is its team of skilled and experienced professional carers and internationally certified psychotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, addiction treatment counselors and nurses.

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We as humans are active entities in our experience with a drug and it is very important to understand. The reason is that it is not simply about the drug itself. Besides, addiction is characteristically called a chronic relapsing condition. This means that some can experience relapses and it will be very difficult to withstand. This side of addiction can be very demoralizing if you have someone in your family with addiction. This even includes the family of the clinicians themselves. This is very important to understand addiction is a very complex process. This is as much of a biological disorder as a psychological one. Addiction is very closely related to our social circumstances as well. Societal mingling plays a very big role in the early lives of any person. Based on the people someone makes connections with, one can live a healthy life or can turn to various kinds of addictions.

People can make your life stressful, hateful, depressive, and frustrating in so many ways, and these very things are the reasons why someone turns to various substance or drug addictions. When this influence of addiction continues for a long time, this slowly sets home in one’s body and completely captures one’s brain and heart. This thing called addiction is so dangerous that if one does not go through a complete rehabilitation process, one will not be able to recover and gradually relapse. So, if someone is just getting medications and therapy sessions but not getting any support from your family then these efforts will fall short of success. To complete the whole rehab process you will need all of them – medications, psychotherapy sessions, and the support of your family members who are the only ones who love you from the heart.

It can be a matter of debate that only a tenth of the total addicted population of the world gets complete treatment or comprehensive and continuous rehabilitation. However, that also means that we have an epidemic of addiction worldwide, and it is a serious concern for any nation. In our country, there are addictions to opioids, cannabis, heroin, and various other substances, and sadly unfortunately we are far from reaching all the addicted people. The socio-economic lives of these people and their families are on the verge of destruction or already in ruins. This is a major crisis and during the Covid19 pandemic of the past few years, the situation worsened to a catastrophic level.

Although addiction is a very complex problem, the treatment process is not. Even if the process is not complex, it must be very much comprehensive for a patient to succeed in the rehabilitation process. The treatment process has to be an all-encompassing one – medications, therapies, and family support. Addiction is a very stubborn illness that is so very hard to come back from. The patient will require to have enough mental power and determination to even begin the recovery process, and even more so to remain within the recovery process itself for the entire duration of the treatment. Success will come only when all cogs are set and turned in proper motion and direction. If one cog is missing or not set properly, the whole process will fall apart and the patient will relapse. The impact of the treatment has to be so definite that it should be able to affect the mind, biology, and social circumstances of the addicted patient.

The reason why some people use them is the momentary solace they find in the substances. Just because they are addicted to something does not make them bad apples in society. They use it because the substances give what they are actively looking for – peace or escape from the harsh reality of life, or sometimes momentary fun or craziness. It is hard to find someone who looked for drugs to use knowing fully well what that substance will turn them into later in life. They hardly know about the consequences that they have to face because of that momentary pleasure. To escape the pain they get from life, they search for a solution that lets them get away. The drugs will serve their purposes to some extent and for some time until they simply do not anymore and eventually become the main cause of complications in their life. Although the substances like marijuana, cannabis, heroin, opioids, etc. work really well to let them escape to an imaginary world, they will have a massive and powerful effect on their mind and health. This is why it will not simply work if we just get rid of the drugs from a patient’s life, we also need to remove the primary causes that drive a person to addiction from his/her life.

Addiction means that if a person has a firm conviction that the only way to get pleasure is through drugs everything else – family, people, job, relationships, self-care, health, and finances – becomes secondary. As a result, searching for a drug or substance becomes the primary goal, and nothing else matters. This is what an addiction is. Addiction also can occur when  compulsive use takes place even after knowing the consequences. This means that even if someone wants to s/he cannot stop using drugs although the substance use is destroying her/his life. The brain of an addicted person is taken completely over by the drugs. For example, alcohol, marijuana, etc. substances work on the human brain and these drugs are very effective killers.

These drugs are psychoactive hence after using these people lose their minds. In recent times, even gambling has been accepted as a legitimate type of addiction. Although we know that since ancient times gambling has been an addiction that put the lives of individuals, families, societies, or even nations in peril. People addicted to gambling would pawn their properties and then later wives and children, borrow money on high interest which they could never pay off. Gambling, just like addiction to substances, works on the human brain in the very same way. This is one kind of behavioral disorder. It fires up the same kind of brain circuits and secrets the same kind of hormone just like the addictive substances.

However, the example of people recovering from addiction is not uncommon or scarce. We do not notice the people returning back to their normal life because they act normally and behave normally. We only notice when there is an abrupt change in the normal or accepted behavior cycle. We notice when people start hurting themselves. Data accumulated from comprehensive research shows that people recover from addiction and remain in recovery, and go on to rebuild  and take responsibility for their relationships and their daily lives. Recovery is very much possible and it is REAL. There is ALWAYS HOPE however bumpy the process may be.


Enlighten Hospital provides essential support and services for mental health as well as addiction illnesses for the sake of the overall well-being of a patient. Addiction problems cause significant disabilities for a relatively big part of the population, and this problem affects various parts of society and hinders its proper functioning. Patients with addiction-related disorders can have a comorbid diagnosis as well.

Sometimes addiction-induced syndromes can mimic the full range of psychiatric illnesses including mood, psychotic, and anxiety disorders. So, Enlighten Hospital’s authority and team of expert certified professionals are always concerned about these disorders and symptoms and engineer a recovery process that helps each of the individual patients admitted. The hospital offers a treatment process that includes psychotherapy, psychosocial treatment, motivational intervention, individual/group therapy sessions, pharmacotherapy, and many more. We also maintain twelve-step groups such as AA, NA, MA, and Al-Anon as a part of our treatment process.

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