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To live a healthy life one must have a sound and healthy mental condition. For a human to become a mentally sound and responsible adult, he needs to have a healthy environment that supports his growth right from the moment of his birth. In Bangladesh, studies show that mental health service is one of the most sought-after services. What mental health patients require most is a community-based support environment to recover from their mental wounds, and their caregivers are also needed to integrate into this environment. Based on this need, Enlighten Hospital authorities and the team of certified professionals have come up with a complete treatment plan divided into inpatient, and outpatient clinics, and rehabilitation-focused care services. This plan focuses on providing support to patients who are making their transition from the hospital to home. As the best mental health facility Enlighten Hospital gives its clients the chance to learn new skills and rediscover old ones so they may participate fully in their daily life and social responsibilities. The facility and the kind of services we offer at Enlighten Hospital are not commonly found in the other mental health facilities in Bangladesh. We, at Enlighten Hospital, firmly believe, from a psychological paradigm, our services and facility will definitely be beneficial to individuals and our society as a whole. Our determination comes from our belief that mental health is a state of balance between the inner self of an individual and his interactions with the people and surrounding world environment. There must be harmony between an individual and the existence of others within the same world environment. An individual must be able to differentiate the difference between subjective realities and the realities of others around him to be recognized as a mentally healthy person. 


Mental health encompasses our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, and feel, and also helps determine how we handle stress related to others and make choices. Mental health is important at all ages for people of the world and also Bangladesh. The most important issue that we all need to know is what mental health is. Mental health is our ability to have motivation to engage in life. If you do not have the motivation to get off the sofa then it is going to be difficult to have a rich and meaningful life. If you do not have the motivation to do things that are in your best interest like getting adequate sleep, food, or exercise then it will mean you have a mental health issue. When you have the motivation to engage in behaviors that help you move toward a meaningful and happy life as you define it, it will mean that you have good mental health. When you have the ability to control your behavior you are not reacting too impulsively. People who are angry or anxious may act or react from a place of threat. So a lot of times they may be reacting more impulsively, and irritably to some particular situations. If that happens, they will be prevented from having the opportunity to think and decide ‘How do I want to react or how do I want to act?’ As a result, instead of acting intentionally, they react automatically. Likewise, when people are depressed they do not have enough motivation to get up. They do not have the energy to engage in certain behaviors. Then they may not even react to a situation that has been presented before them. People with good mental health are able to act in response to whatever happens in their environment in a way that will help them move closer to what is important in their rich and meaningful life. Also, they can experience a manageable range of emotions now. It means that all emotions whether you like it or not all emotions have a function.  Anger and anxiety are labels we assign to the chemical cocktail that occurs when we experience a threat. Anger and anxiety are there to protect you. Now, in a lot of people who have mental ill health the anger and anxiety warning system has gotten too sensitive and too hyperactive. So, they have a lot of false alarms and they experience more anger and anxiety to a greater degree. Therefore, instead of reacting to something with a level of 3 or 4, they react with a level of 8 or nine. That can indicate a problem. So, a manageable range of emotions is being able to experience a situation and react with emotion. But with emotion to the appropriate intensity and one that feels manageable. It does not feel completely overwhelming yet you can certainly withstand it. Maybe, you do not think you can. However, as anger and anxiety are designed to help protect you, you want to be able to express them in a controllable manner at the moment of an outburst. You want to be able to experience curiosity, happiness, love, and joy. This list of emotions can go on. All of our emotions are important to giving us a rich life. When you look at somebody who does not experience a wide range of emotions their perspective on life is often relatively flat. This is not desirable. We definitely want to have many dimensions in our life. People with good mental health are able to tolerate distress – that whole anger and anxiety thing. None of us likes to feel anxiety, anger, pain, depression, or grief, yet these emotions take place in our minds. Also, they are able to acknowledge mindfully what they are feeling and sit with the emotions without being afraid of being overwhelmed or consumed by the emotions. They are able to tolerate the distress when it happens. Now, there will be times when you may encounter crises and be completely overwhelmed by your own feelings, if it is a trauma or some kind of grief from your past or present event, that will not mean that you are not able to tolerate the distress in your mind. If someone is experiencing and tolerating distress in an unusual circumstance, s/he should reach out to someone and seek help. Tolerating distress does not necessarily mean tolerating all by yourself. Rather this means you are acknowledging it. People can feel this feeling and they can get through it. Feeling different than distress is coping with stress. Tolerating distress is sitting with that feeling and being able to feel like to withstand it and get through the stress. It does not mean you actually need to do something to change the situation. For example, when a person loses someone s/he likes, s/he cannot bring the dead back to life by changing the situation but can withstand the grief and get through it. In dialectical behavior therapy, M. Linehan talks about how a fight or flight situation can cause emotional dysregulation, and our brain is just flooded with stress chemicals. When are trying to tread through those stress chemicals we are not thinking clearly. It is not possible to think as clearly and objectively in this kind of situation. When our brain is bathed in cortisol and adrenaline, it is just not possible. So distress tolerance helps us sit with the emotion and not make it worse by thinking and helps us tolerate it until we can get into what M. Linehan calls our wise mind. Sometimes we are in our wise minds, and sometimes we are not. Once we try to tread water in the swimming pool of emotions caused by stress, we can start exploring how can I cope with this situation. People with good mental health have a variety of coping strategies. They can use these strategies because all the situations are not the same and a different strategy is needed for each situation. We need to have a variety of tools to help us cope with various situations. Coping with situations means that we will have to adapt different techniques based on the situation we are in. For example, one of your family members is diagnosed with a chronic illness, but you do not like that as a family member as it makes you very unhappy. When you see your family member suffering, you cannot change the situation suddenly. This could lead to a sudden burst of anger and helplessness. The way you react to his situation can make everyone very unhappy. If you want to be supportive of the family member, then you need to control your anger and try to find out how you can support your family by learning more about the illness and how to help when there is a sudden attack of the illness or sudden flare-ups from the chronic condition. You can find out how to prevent those flare-ups and what you can do when there are no flare-ups. Therefore, instead of being frustrated about the situation that you cannot change, you should find out measures that help the person with chronic illness. You can change your reaction and how you use your energy in that situation. There are other times when we cope with situations by simply deciding that is not worth our energy. Feeding the trolls online that are not worth your energy is another example in this case. If you want to cope with the trolling situation, you can choose to get embroiled in a fruitless series of exchanges of words. However, that will not do any good to your mental health, instead, this will be like a reward to the trolls. On the other hand, you can simply decide not to engage as it is not worth your time and energy. As you cannot change how the trolls behave or comment online, you should better use your precious time and energy to make your life richer and more meaningful with every passing moment. People with good mental health are able to think clearly about many issues that involve mental ill health, disruption of your circadian rhythms, or sleep, which can cause your brain to be unable to get rid of all of the adenosine. This means our body is like a factory and at night when we sleep, just like in a factory cleaning crews move around and clean up all the dirt and empty all the trash can, and get rid of all the debris accumulated from a day’s work. With this, the next morning when the workers come in, they have a clean workspace and they can work with more efficiency and a bright mindset. Adenosine can be compared to trash, dirt, garbages, and buildups at night our brain clears out the adenosine when we go into deep sleep. But you have to go into that so that your body system can clean all the adenosine. When the adenosine does not get cleaned out you feel boggy the next morning, feel lethargic, do not have enough energy, and have brain fog that prevents you from thinking clearly. You feel kind of groggy-headed. Although caffeine can somewhat dispel the brain fog and groggy-headed feeling, taking this is not really advisable as caffeine will not be able to keep you thinking clearly over a long time. When it is difficult for us to think clearly, we also have problem learning and remembering things. You can think about the difference between when you are well-rested and moderately happy versus when you are not well-rested, exhausted, distressed, and did not get a goodnight’s sleep. When people are well-rested and are feeling relatively happy, they can effectively remember things in each of those situations. When people are happy and well-rested, they do not feel stressed about things around them, and they can also remember various things a lot easier. So, a person is in good mental health, they can focus their attention long enough to learn to commit things to short-term to long-term memory, and remember them from their memory. Their brain is not focused on a ‘fight or flee’ situation. Their brain is actually able to devote attention and resources to learning and memorizing. It is necessary to talk about the brain because mental health is not just about thoughts or feelings, it is also about our brain and how it is actually functioning and how it works.


Mental health is a balance between the individual and the surrounding world, a state of harmony between oneself and others. It is a co-existence between the realities of the self and other people and the environment – Enlighten Hospital believes this firmly and acts upon this statement. We, at Enlighten Hospital, maintain all of these areas by providing our services. If you experience mental health problems, your thinking, mood, and behavior could be affected. So, do not be late, and feel free to contact us. We are always concerned about many factors which contribute to mental health problems, including biological factors, such as genes or brain chemistry, life experiences such as trauma or abuse, and family history of mental health problems. We offer comprehensive treatment plans at our Enlighten Hospital befitting the best mental health hospital.


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